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Things That Could Stop You from Changing Your Career


Changing your career is a big step and there could be multiple reasons for it. While there could be a number of reasons that could be provocative for you to quit your present job and change your career altogether, there will be a number of reasons that must have been stopping you from changing your career.

This can be one of the most perplexing situations in a person’s life. In order to cope up with situations like these, you must try and discover the merits as well as the demerits that occur if you change your job or not. Whether you have chosen Godrej careers or ITC careers, here are the 4 things that could be stopping you from changing your career:

  1. Your Frame of Mind– The first obstacle that you face is your own frame of mind. If you have even the slightest reservation or doubt about your idea of changing your career, then it is going to keep bugging you. In order to avoid this, you need to be confident that pursuing a career in something in which you have a lot of interest is a better option.
  2. Monetary Factors– Every venture needs capital. So, if you are planning to change your career then you need to invest a particular amount of money to initiate your venture. In a similar manner, if you plan to switch a career and move to another domain job, then also your package and salary becomes a great factor to consider. In order to avoid this, make sure you plan your finances well in advance before you take the final action.
  3. Friends and Families– The friends and families form our constant support system and naturally it is very significant for us that we receive a green signal from them. Often it happens that the question of changing your career rings a fire alarm in the minds of the family members and friends and their instant reaction is not to be stupid. Thus, if you are sure to change your career, if your near and dear ones refrain from supporting this idea or are not positive about this decision, then it starts to hinder your determination to change your career.
  4. Lack of Experience– If you have accomplished something in your work place and then you decide to change your career, there are a few doubts that keep crossing your minds. The most important one is the lack of experience. If you have no prior knowledge about the career choice you want to opt for, then in that case it will be a total waste time, money, effort and hard work. So,you should carry out extensive research before finalizing any one career choice for yourselves.

Technology Enhances Life For Business Professionals


Though technology is to blame for much of the common stressors in the lives of many, it can also serve as a great source of relief.  For business professionals, the use of technology is inevitable.  The best way to adjust to a lifestyle full of technology is to learn how this quickly developing field of information can work to ease the pain of the “daily grind.”

Professionals all over the world have managed to find thousands of ways to integrate technology into their daily routine for the sole purpose of making everything easier.  Take a moment to look at some of the most popular ways in which technology enhances life for business professionals.

Wireless/Solar charging

Cords and wires were so last year.  The world of wireless chargers for mobile devices is quickly expanding and developing.  There are cell phone cases that will charge the device throughout the day; there are solar backpacks that will charge several devices at once without plugging into anything.

Not only does wireless/solar charging save on hassle by cutting down on wires, but this technological development is a more kind solution for the environment.  When fewer wires are being produced, there are fewer plastics and other environmentally harmful materials being produced.

Fitness trackers

When living the life of a professional business person, it is imperative to maintain exceptional personal health.  Without some type of healthy lifestyle intact, it is far more difficult to succeed in the world of business.

Utilize one of the many personal fitness apps and tools available on the market to help develop a healthy daily routine.  Studies show that a healthy daily routine is always positively impactful to personal performance and drive.

Wi-Fi resetting plug

Anyone who is well-versed in business understands that a Wi-Fi router is a moody piece of technology.  It is no rare occasion that users will have to reset their routers due to a fickle connection.  Stopping work to unplug and reset a router is a highly erroneous way to spend the day.

Check out the ResetPlug.  The device’s sole purpose is to reset the router whenever the signal goes wonky.  The ResetPlug will automatically monitor the router’s connection and reset the device whenever there is a drop in signal.  Just plug the router into the ResetPlug, then into the wall, and enjoy interruption-free internet service.

Smart coffee maker

Coffee is an essential part of the life of many professionals today.  When time is always such a prized commodity, making coffee is not always feasible in the morning.  Technology has solved this vexing issue with the Nespresso Prodigio.

Nespresso Prodigio is a smart coffee maker that offers Bluetooth capabilities and multiple programmable functions.  This coffee maker will turn itself off and on, brew at a set time via Bluetooth, select a specific type of coffee to brew, and (when milk is added) brew a more fancy drink like a latte or macchiato.

Know About EAMCET Counselling Procedures


After EAMCET, the most difficult process for an engineering applicant comes in the form of counselling. It must be completed to get admission in the reputed institutions in AP. Since students have to select what course or field they want to get into, they would be under tremendous pressure. Eamcet Mock Counselling officials, however, make arrangements in order to make sure that the procedure is a smooth affair, allowing candidates to choose college and courses, without meeting any problems.  Kadapa has been recently added as the new centre to the existing ones at Warangal, Tirupati, Guntur, Vishakapatnam, and Hyderabad. This has helped students and families of Rayala Seema areas save time and cut down travel expenses.

The Counselling Procedure

Eamcet Mock Counseling takes place simultaneously at all the centres. DTE department conducts counselling issue announcement in well-known newspaper, providing details about the ranking numbers to be called each day and the official documents should be presented at the centres.

Mandatory Requirements

As per the present rules, students are required to bring their 10th, PUC (intermediate) marks card, caste certificate issued by RDO or MRO, study certificate from class 6th to 12th, income certificate, and other applicable details. For non-local or NRIs, a proof certifying ten years of stay in the state has to be obtained. As per the ranking, students would be called and sent into waiting hall and then to registration counter, where applicants will register time of reporting, rank category, hall ticket number and full name and put their sign on the form.

The Verifications

All the original certificates would be checked at the verification counter and if the details are correct, a sheet will be pinned on them and then they will be sent to the actual counselling counter. There is no unique rule or procedure followed and all are similar, conducting at all the centres in the states.

Additional information about the college, faculty, and hostel facilities, etc will also be provided. Applicants need to list five options of colleges and courses and based on that, full details would be displayed on the computer.  

Students can be accompanied with one of the parents or guardian at the allotment counter. Once the candidate selects his/her option, officers will update their system that would be sent to the main server. Confused about selecting the right branch or college, you can check out the options and other useful tips on CareerCage.

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    GITAM University Of Andhra Pradesh


    The Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, better known as GITAM University, is a management and technical education related university in India. It was established in 1980 and was conferred the status of deemed university in 2007. The notable achievement is that it was the first private engineering institution to receive the university status. It is also on its path to acquire the ABET Internationals Accreditation. The university has grown over the years and now boasts of three stunning campuses- one is located at Visakhapatnam, which spreads over 100 acres, and the other two campuses are located in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

    The university caters to all types of students, offering over 109 programs at PG, UG and Doctoral level in the fields of Science, Management, International Business, Pharmacy, Technology, Architecture and Law. Talking about the campus, GITAM has over 100-acre campus at Rushikonda, which has good eateries and other food services. There are good sporting facilities for tennis and badminton as the courts are built indoors. The campus also has a 24X7 health center, offering all types of basic medical facilities. Ambulances are always ready for any emergency and there is 24X7 power backup available for students and faculty members. The boys and girls hostels have more than 2000 beds each. The hostels are well built up with basic amenities in house. There is a healthy interaction between students on various occasions, including academic ones.

    The admissions at the GITAM University are done through the GAT exam (GITAM Admission Test), which is a university specific exam, conducted in the major cities of the country. It is considered among the most competitive exams in the Southern part of our country. Based on the scores achieved by the candidates in the GAT exam, ranks are awarded and then the students are called on the basis of their ranks for counseling program when they are asked to exercise their choice of study. Since the seats in every domain are limited, they are filled up on the basis of ranks achieved in the GAT exam. This ensures a fair distribution and the university specific exam enables the university to design its own paper. GITAM also holds other exams like GLAW and GSAT for School of Law and School of Science respectively.

    Lately, the GITAM University has come up in the university rankings. It was ranked 22 in the Outlook magazine in 2007 and ranked 22 again by The Week in 2009. It was ranked a good 8th position by the EFY magazine recently in 2010. As far as the corporate connect is concerned, the university was recognized by IBM in ‘The Great Mind Challenge’. Another achievement was when the university was nominated for PCQuest – Best IT Implementations. The university has been doing well on this front and is expected to rise up even higher in rankings in the coming years.

    It has become one of the most sought out universities down south and is continuing to attract students from all over the country.